self judgement imageWe are our worse enemy. How many times have you heard that? I believe it. I’ve been hard on myself.

We have these self-limiting beliefs that’s like protocol on a job. We have learned this mindset through a variety of people, communities, society, and other things. Depending on those you’ve accepted into your circle, they can be nourishing or life draining.

I came across Hack Life blog some time ago. They have some profound posts there. Their post got me thinking about how I am living. In doing so, I think of you, the reader. I want to pass on information that will help you.

Self-Judgement. What is it? The dictionary defines it as: the act or fact of judging oneself.”  There’s things we tell ourselves like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m fat
  • I’m ugly
  • I’ll never make it in life

In the link I provided above there’s 9 lies that we tend to think about ourselves. The short list above is an example of some of the thoughts.

This type of thinking is devastating and destructive. This type of thinking allows fear to grow. Fear is a perceived threat to us. Fear of all sorts of life situations can manifest when we have self-limiting beliefs. Fear causes a mental paralysis where we get stuck in life.

My question is: What if we stopped self-judging and laid aside the self-limiting beliefs? What would happen?

My answer: Nothing life threatening happens. I had this experience. I lived with self-limiting beliefs for a very long time. I was my hardest critic.

When we lay aside the negative feedback loop and replace is with positive nourishing feedback it opens up a world of freedom.

Stop listening to the world around you. Do some soul searching. If you need to, clean house. Let go of the life-suckers. Find nourishing supportive people to be around. Learn something new.

What are some self-judgments you can add to the list? Leave me a comment and let’s chat.

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