Watch the video. It speaks for itself.

What’s holding you back?

For me, it’s fear of the unknown. It’s fear of not being good enough. It’s fear of how others perceive me. It’s fear; plain and simple.

Why do we fear? Here’s an excerpt from the article Angela Percival (Fear of the Unknown and How the Mind Works) wrote:

When we are experiencing factors in life that are unknown, especially issues around security, this can trigger survival instincts and the ‘flight or fight’ responses. If we are not sure that we are secure in the world, the fear can be intense – for example, if we have lost our job and aren’t sure how we will pay our bills. Even if the change is positive, like getting married, we can still feel elements of fear as we are fundamentally making a change and the consequences of that change are as yet unknown to us.

It’s all a matter of processing and how we perceive life. I went through a mindset reset a couple years ago. It’s something I still struggle with. We all do.

Chase after your dream! If you have obstacles, remove them. No excuses!

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