Massage Therapy is Good Medicine

Massage Therapy is Good Medicine

Low-Back-PainEvery now and then massage therapy finds its way into the news. It’s not all bad. Researchers all over are hard at work finding ways that massage therapy is beneficial in medicine and helping people heal and recover.

Many people often think of massage therapy as a luxury and only used for relaxing and feeling good. There’s a whole lot more to it than just relaxing. It can aid in healing, reducing pain from injuries and recovery.

Researchers concluded massage had a positive effect on patients with chronic low-back pain and propose that the use of massage causes fast therapeutic results and that, in practice, it could help to reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of chronic low-back pain. -Quoted from research results. Linked below is AMTA’s research news update from which this is quoted.

Research Roundup: Massage is Good Medicine

There’s many other ways massage therapy is good medicine. Massage therapy isn’t just for relaxing. Although, if we chilled out and didn’t sweat the small stuff life could be more relaxing. For some that’s easier said than done. Everyone is wired differently.

Tips for being less stressed:

  • Take your time when engaged in any activity to avoid straining and injuring yourself.
  • Take a breather and get a drink of water every so often to stay hydrated.
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep to avoid exhaustion.

Can you add any suggestions? Comment below with your suggestions for being less stressed. What methods do you use for being less stressed to avoid injury?

Alternative Treatment to Back Surgery

back painWe all experience back pain at times. There are many causes ranging from overwork to injury.

A Chiropractic friend, Dr Gene Bermann, posted this article on his blog: The Back and Neck Pain Relief Doctor: See a Chiropractor First to Avoid Back Surgery?

He mentions gentle massage as an option for alternative treatment to surgery. There are many techniques of massage that would benefit back pain sufferers. Click here to read about massage and back pain.

You can also read more about the benefits of massage here.

If you’re a neck and/or back pain sufferer consider alternative treatments first over surgery.

Self Confidence Habits

We’ve all seen those personal development articles and posts that give tips for living a better life to be a better you.

I came across Kate Luther‘s post linked below:

The 5 Habits You Must Break to Become More Self-Confident

To be honest, our habits are formed by our mindset. What kind of mindset do you have?

There are two major mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset. The fixed mindset holds you prisoner and holds you back. The growth mindset launches you forward.

Which mindset are you? Whichever you are determines your outcome in life. You are able to adopt a growth mindset.

Here’s some steps you can take to jump-start your new mindset:

  • Identify words, thoughts and actions that restrict you and keep you a prisoner.
  • Once you begin to identify these you’ll be in a state of transition and easily choose the growth mindset.

In order to make these changes you must believe you are able and believe in yourself to do it.

Growth mindset looks like this:

  • Thoughts of: Being intelligence, Being skillful, Being talented
  • Sounds like: “I know I have a choice and I will do something about it.” “I’m not perfect, I just work hard.”
  • Actions look like: Finding new ways that work, trying new things that are effective, reject what does not work, sustaining your moving forward path.

If you slip, just start where you are and keep going forward. It takes 28 days to create a new habit.

Are you ready to grow? What will you do next to grow?

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