The Battle Within [Paul David Tripp Sermon]

Now, you’re probably wondering why in the World would I post a 53 minute sermon here. I’ll tell you why.

Paul David Tripp is a pastor, author, teacher and speaker, around the world. “Paul’s driving passion is to help people understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ speaks with practical hope into all the things people face in this broken world.”

Take a one hour break out of your day and listen to this sermon. He touches on everything mindset related. We all struggle with our inner voice. Learning to overcome the negative feedback is vital to a healthy mind, body & soul. I’ve been down that road. I occasionally find myself standing at the trailhead getting ready to take a dive head first into the negative trail. It’s important to learn how to combat that and stay on the positive trail. I’ll touch more on that in the coming posts. Please bear with me.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AMAZEMENT AND FAITH <==Click link to watch video. The file is too big to upload here.

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