What Happens During A Bodywork Session

What Happens During a Bodywork Session?

First Appointment. When you show up for your first appointment, you fill out a health intake form. This is necessary to ensure that bodywork will be safe for you and the intake form may provide the practitioner with additional useful background information for a more effective bodywork treatment.

Before Bodywork. Before the bodywork you and the practitioner discuss your preferences for the day’s session. The practitioner may also do some hands on evaluation of your posture and muscle condition. The practitioner then leaves the treatment room so that you can undress in privacy and get on the padded table. You relax under a sheet and blanket, laying down either on your back or prone with your face in a cradle. The practitioner knocks before entering the room to make sure you are ready.

During Bodywork. Some clients receive bodywork fully disrobed while others leave on their undergarments. The decision regarding the level of dress is yours, based on your level of comfort. To respect personal privacy and provide adequate warmth, you are covered at all times except for the area of your body being worked on. Bodywork may include: head, neck, arms, upper/lower back, abdomen, legs and feet. Professional bodywork should be a safe and healing experience. Communicate to the practitioner immediately if you experience any pain, discomfort or concerns during the bodywork.

After Bodywork. At the end of the bodywork you tend to feel very relaxed. You might even have fallen asleep. Take a few minutes to become fully alert before getting back in your car. Also make sure to drink plenty of liquids the day of and next day after bodywork. This will keep you hydrated and will extend the benefits of the massage.