Post-Surgery Recovery

back-massageThe rehabilitation post surgery is a vital detail to recovery. While in rehabilitation, your body is relearning proper movement and muscle strengthening. It is common for massage therapy to be a supplement to how rehabilitation is done, or used along with standard rehabilitation procedures.

It is a known fact that massage therapy improves the circulation of blood and nutrients which is very important post-surgery to improve the quality and duration of the healing process. Massage therapy is also used to assist in breaking up already developed scar tissue and prevent to build up of more.

Also, the combination of better blood circulation with relaxed musculature also provides the body with the ability to supply the skin and organs with more oxygen and nutrients. This is important to keep a strong immune system to prevent infection and accelerate the rate at which your body recovers.

Even if the surgery is not due to injury, there is no end to the benefits you can receive. If you have not had surgery before, there are still benefits to massage therapy. Athlete’s can prevent the chances of injury with massage therapy. The stretching and working of problem areas can increase the range of motion while keeping the body more agile.

If you or anyone you know suffers from post surgery pain and would like to attain a better quality of life, those in the Inland Empire region, please contact me today to book a session.