Therapeutic Bodywork

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Introduction to Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage, also called “bodywork,” is a type of treatment during which a bodywork practitioner applies pressure and movement techniques to the client’s body. Bodywork can be used for overall relaxation or it can serve as a more targeted treatment for chronic pain or specific injuries. as well as recovery and rehabilitation.

Therapeutic massage is popular throughout the world as a long term cost-effective approach to managing stress and maintaining the body’s physical & mental health.

 Chair vs. Table.

If you have ever received or observed seated bodywork, then you are familiar with the specially-built chair used for this. In contrast, when you go for a treatment at a bodywork office or clinic, a padded table is used. The padded table gives practitioners better access to the different body areas and allows for more thorough bodywork. Table bodywork sessions typically last 60.

What to Expect During a Bodywork session

Learn about what to expect before, during and after a bodywork appointment.

CA Massage Certi#: 46614 City: Ontario

CA Massage Certi#: 46614
City: Ontario